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Get French Drain Installation in Ann Arbor to Protect Your Foundation

Why You Need French Drain Installation in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan, is in proximity to several major lakes. So when it floods, Ann Arbor and surrounding areas can become subject to flooding. But it doesn't take lake water to flood your yard. Sometimes flooding can develop in your yard due to improper grading or poor water channeling. As a result, your backyard could quickly become a marsh. A solution to a damp backyard is a French drain installation in Ann Arbor.

French drains help channel water away from the base of the foundation so that to help keep them dry. Water buildup around a foundation can seep in and cause flooding in a crawl space or basement. This water buildup can cause a mold problem and even encourage pests.

Our French drain installation is a powerful tool to keep basements and crawl spaces free and clear of excess water. Through buried piping funneled through the yard, excess water is carried away from the house, typically to the street.

Call today to learn more about this or other solutions designed to help get rid of the excess water on your property. We will schedule a free estimate!

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Advantages of Getting a French Drain

Water is one of the biggest threats to a home, especially the home's foundation. Not only could it cause severe damage from wood rot or sickness if mold grows, but it can also encourage pests. French drain installation in Ann Arbor can help keep the water at bay and protect your property. Here are some more important reasons to consider getting a French drain for your property.

  • French drains are a cost-effective solution to a severe drainage problem
  • They can add an aesthetic quality to your yard since they may be buried in rocks
  • French drains are a long-term solution, typically lasting up to 40 years
  • The force of gravity in French drains helps keep water away from the foundation
  • Installing a French drain can add value to a home

Have you been noticing plenty of water pooling in your yard? One of our contractors can discover the source of the problem and remedy the problem with a French drain system.

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Get French Drain Installation Now If You Plan to Sell Your Home

One of the most affordable yet valuable upgrades you can make to your home if you plan to sell it is upgrades to your yard. Since it is the most visible part of your home, making it look as presentable as possible is ideal. Unfortunately, no one wants to see a sopping wet mess when looking at a potential home to buy. Poor drainage could spell big problems, and few buyers will want to inherit such a mess.

It is ideal to get a French drain to end the swamp problem developing on your land and improve the value of your home. Not only will it be a practical return on investment, but it can also be a beautiful addition to your yard's landscaping.

Keep in mind that if you already have a French drain on your property, but it isn't effectively removing water, we can install a new one.

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We Can Help With All Your Foundation Needs!

If water in your yard isn't your problem, we can still help! The pros at Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts provide various foundation repair options to keep your home on solid ground. For over 20 years, our locally owned and operated foundation company has been solving foundation problems. Using our world-class foundation solutions, we have kept the water at bay and saved many homes from collapse.

Each of our foundation experts has over ten years of expertise that they bring to the job. Our company is also insured and licensed. You can rest assured that your foundation problem will be handled with great care. Keep in mind that our contractors can provide both residential and commercial services in the local area.

When you're searching for an outstanding foundation company to hire, look no further than our expert team. We offer excellent solutions at an affordable rate.



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Foundation Repair You Can Trust!

Want to know what other services we can provide besides French drain installation? Well, one of our popular options is crawl space encapsulation. This is a process of placing plastic barriers under a home with a crawl space to prevent moisture buildup that can lead to mold problems and pests. Another one of our popular foundation repair solutions is slab jacking. For those with a slab foundation, we can use this cost-effective solution to lift your slab back into place. Do you need the right solution for your home or business? One of our trusty contractors will be sure to provide one.

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Your home is only safe with a solid foundation. Don't put off your much-needed foundation repair in Ann Arbor. Our professionals offer fast service, fair prices, and reliable finishes. Call us at (734) 838-5559.Call us at (734) 838-5559
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