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Get Foundation Repair In Canton to Prevent Foundation Collapse

Why You May Need Foundation Repair Canton

A home's foundation is typically safe and sound. However, there are forces that may cause the foundation of the home to suffer, which could put the entire structure at risk. For instance, the soil underneath your home may shift, causing a full or partial collapse of your foundation. Additionally, the hydrostatic pressure on the basement walls of your home could cause them to bow and lead to collapse. For these reasons, you will need foundation repair in Canton.

Our foundation company has delivered outstanding service to customers in Canton and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We ensure our customers' safety by applying some of the best foundation practices in the business. Would you like to become another one of our highly satisfied customers? Call Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts today to learn more about our foundation services and get a FREE estimate. 

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"The work was completed quickly and professionally. They worked my job into their schedule within days. All the workmen were polite and helpful. Would I do business with them again? Absolutely!"
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Advantages of Repairing Your Foundation

Foundation repair may not be a common service, but it is important that you get regular inspections to prevent problems. Getting a damaged foundation repaired can be quite expensive if left unchecked. Regular inspections allow foundation experts to detect issues before they become significant, which could save you plenty of money in the long run. Here are some reasons to get foundation inspections and repairs for your home. 

  • Foundation repair protects your home from pests and mold.
  • It keeps your home's structure safe.
  • Foundation repair keeps water out.

These are just a few reasons why you should get foundation repair. If you notice unusual changes with your foundation, such as cracks, sweaty walls, musty odors, or mold growth, it's definitely time to seek professional help. 


Popular Foundation Repair Services

Slab Jacking

Has your slab foundation cracked and dipped causing it to be uneven? In most cases, this is an easy fix. The soil underneath this part of your house may have shifted. As a result, this may have caused your foundation slab to move. Using slab jacking, we can pump a concrete mix into a small hole and lift the slab back into place. *Weather permitting*

Crawl Space Repair

Homes with crawl spaces have challenges just like other home foundations. These challenges could be mold growth from excess moisture, pest infestations, wood rot, and a host of other problems. To keep your home's foundation safe, we perform various types of crawl space repair to reverse damages and prevent future damages. 

Basement Waterproofing

Your basement may not be as safe as it looks. Although your basement walls may be made of concrete, this material is much more porous than you think. This could allow plenty of moisture to get into your basement, forming puddles of water on the floor. To prevent water from entering your home, we offer basement waterproofing services
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What Distinguishes Us From The Rest

Quality Techniques and Materials

The pros at Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts are a locally owned foundation repair company. Since our inception, we've always striven to provide quality service by using the best foundation practices and quality materials. You can count on us to deliver results that last. 

Years of Experience

For a couple of decades, our team of skilled contractors have saved many residential and commercial foundations throughout Michigan. We take our work seriously. As a result, we have become one of Canton's most-trusted foundation repair experts. 

Top-Rated Service

We started as a small foundation company many years ago. After acquiring and completing many contracts successfully, we're proud to say that we are one of the most top-rated foundation companies in Canton. We consistently get high ratings from our customers for our great service and quality workmanship. 
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Your home is only safe with a solid foundation. Don't put off your much-needed foundation repair in Ann Arbor. Our professionals offer fast service, fair prices, and reliable finishes. Call us at (734) 838-5559.Call us at (734) 838-5559
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