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How Much Does Foundation Repair in Ann Arbor Cost?

September 7, 2021

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If you’ve been wondering about a needed foundation repair in Ann Arbor cost, it’s time to call a foundation contractor near you! Foundation damage only gets worse the longer it’s ignored and can lead to secondary damage, including wall and ceiling cracks, structural rot, and mold growth.

The cost of foundation repair in Ann Arbor might be one reason why property owners try to put off this work as long as possible. However, foundation repair is an investment in your structure’s overall stability, and isn’t as expensive as you might think! Check out some average costs for foundation repair and then discuss your concerns with an Ann Arbor foundation repair contractor as needed.

Crack Patching Foundation Repair in Ann Arbor

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A cracked foundation can often be addressed with epoxy injections. These injections fill cracks and splits in a foundation and then expand and harden, blocking out moisture and providing protection for exposed concrete. These fillers can cost as little as $500 per application; however, they might erode and break down after 5 to 10 years and need reapplying.

Underpinning or Piers for Foundation Repair in Ann Arbor

Underpinning or pier installation might be the costliest foundation repair in Ann Arbor but is often needed for damaged basements and concrete slabs. Underpinning refers to “jacking” up a damaged foundation section and then inserting piers or pins under that concrete.

These piers are then attached to the concrete, allowing them to keep that foundation supported. Most piers cost $1000 to $3000 each, so your total foundation repair costs will depend on how many pins are required for your structure. Despite their cost, underpinning is typically considered a permanent solution for foundation damage and shouldn’t need replacing over time.

What Is House Leveling and How Much Does It Cost?

House leveling sounds extreme but this foundation repair method is not as invasive or expensive as homeowners might assume! If your house or commercial building has started to sink along one side, house leveling starts by lifting that sunken section, using specialty hydraulic equipment.

Holes are then drilled through the foundation concrete and a specialty grout is injected through those holes, under damaged areas. This grout dries and hardens, offering support to the foundation and keeping it level and even.

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House leveling or slab jacking might cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 or more but is considered permanent, and those materials shouldn’t break down over time. However, a foundation repair contractor might suggest house leveling along with other foundation repair methods such as underpinning, which increases your repair costs.

Foundation Wall Stabilization Costs

When a foundation weakens, basement walls might start to bow inward while trying to hold up the weight of a structure. Carbon fiber straps are usually installed in these cases, to keep those walls from outright collapsing while providing added strength and stability.

Most carbon fiber straps range between $600 and $700 each, so your total foundation repair costs will depend on how many straps are needed. Most homeowners can expect to pay between $2000 and $5000 in total for foundation wall stabilization.

Foundation Sealing Costs and Effectiveness

Foundation sealing helps prevent water damage, keeping concrete dry and stable. Sealing is an excellent choice for foundations starting to show signs of water damage, and for protecting a basement from interior water damage. Sealing also protects items you have stored in a basement or cellar, such as major appliances, from rust and corrosion!

Complete foundation sealing might cost between $2000 and $7000, depending on your foundation’s size and structure. While this cost might seem steep, note that professional sealing and waterproofing will mean lasting results, versus DIY waterproof coatings you might purchase from a hardware store.

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A homeowner or commercial property owner might also invest in other waterproofing solutions for their property, including a sump pump or French drain installation, to keep moisture away from a foundation. Property grading can also direct water away from your home or commercial building, and these solutions can also cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the work involved and materials chosen.

Remember that foundation repair in Ann Arbor is always a good investment no matter its cost. Neglecting repairs means secondary damage and can even impact property values! Timely repairs can keep damage from getting worse while also ensuring your home or commercial building stays stable and strong throughout the years.

Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts is happy to bring this information about foundation repair in Ann Arbor to our readers and hope that you found it helpful! Remember to call our Ann Arbor foundation repair contractors at the first sign of foundation damage, so we can schedule timely repairs. For more information, give us a call today.

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