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20 Years of Professional Foundation Repair in Ann Arbor

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Why Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts is #1!

The Best Foundation Repair

Foundation crack repair in Ann Arbor completed with modern, proven techniques.
Get a foundation inspection in Ann Arbor from a qualified foundation inspector.
House leveling in Ann Arbor that keeps your building on even ground for stability.

Our Other Top-Notch Services

Do you have water in your basement? We do basement waterproofing that's watertight!
Is your home built on a crawl space in Ann Arbor? We can take care of the repairs.
French drains and sump pump installations for proper drainage from the foundation.

Choosing Our Contractors is Easy

With our years of experience as foundation repair contractors, we have the right answer.
Satisfaction and customer care are most important to us, and 100% GUARANTEED!
We offer financing options so you can have peace of mind your foundation is secure.

What To Expect from The Qualified Pros at Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts

Over the many years Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts has been in business, we've strived to build a solid reputation for ourselves. We take pride in our work and in being the most reputable of all foundation repair companies in Ann Arbor.

Our residential and commercial foundation repair in Ann Arbor services all come with a WARRANTY that we stand firmly behind. We trust our crew to get the foundation service you schedule done on time and within your budget. If you think that there may be something wrong with your foundation, basement, or crawl space because of a crack, water infiltration, or visibly uneven walls, doors, or floors, get in touch with our team right away.

We know that your time is valuable, so we will work efficiently to do a thorough evaluation of your structure's condition. You will be given a list of reasonable and practical solutions, and then you decide what's best for you and your property.

Get started on your necessary foundation repair in Ann Arbor by calling our customer service team today for your FREE quote. There's no job too big or too small for our dedicated foundation repair contractors in Ann Arbor, MI, and we're eager to show you what we can do!

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customer satisfaction is at the top of our list!

We're Your All-Inclusive Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Specialists

If it involves your foundation, crawl space, basement, or drainage system, Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts has your long-lasting, affordable, and effective customized solution.

Foundation Repair

Foundation is the 'basis or groundwork of anything.' If you want something to last, you need a solid foundation. Your home is only as tough as the foundation holding it up, so don't ever put off your foundation repair in Ann Arbor!

Crawl Spaces

Have you ever climbed down into your crawl space in Ann Arbor? If you have, you probably aren't real excited about going back into the dark and cramped area again anytime soon. We have a contractor that gladly will.


Water underneath your home or near the foundation is dangerous to the structural integrity, and it invites harmful mold to grow throughout the area. We use only the best methods to waterproof foundations in Ann Arbor.

Basement Repair

How are you supposed to enjoy your office, living area, or storage space in the basement if it's underwater or full of fungus and other damages? You can't until you call our professionals for your basement waterproofing.

Residential Services

Your home is your happy place, and if you want it to stay that way, you have to take care of it. We offer a full range of residential foundation repair services in Ann Arbor to protect your property and your investment.

Commercial Services

The business you've worked to build isn't going to be prosperous and thriving if the foundation is crumbling underneath of it. Find out how to keep things operating as they should with our commercial foundation repair in Ann Arbor.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair in Ann Arbor, MI

Unless you've experienced a foundation repair in Ann Arbor yourself, you may have a question or two about how the process works. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our specialists at Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts quickly below.

How much does it cost to do foundation repair in Ann Arbor?

Because we customize every foundation repair in Ann Arbor to suit the customer's needs, there is no exact price for the service. The national average for a basic foundation repair is $1,900 to $6,900. Get your own foundation repair cost estimate for FREE by calling us today!

What is the best foundation repair method?

The best method for foundation repair in Ann Arbor will depend on the type of issue that needs to be remedied. Our experienced foundation repair experts will fully evaluate your foundation and then go over your options for steel piers, concrete piers, spot piers, high-density polyurethane foam, or other available and suitable choices.

Are foundation repairs in Ann Arbor worth the cost?

Yes! Foundation repairs in Ann Arbor are almost always worth the cost. You can avoid more significant constructional repairs to walls, doors, windows, siding, and other features of your home that depend on your foundation to keep the structure stable.

Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Services - Know What You're Getting Before You Call

Researching ahead of time about Ann Arbor foundation repair services is one of the most effective methods for ensuring you're getting what you're paying for. Take a look at what you can expect when you schedule an appointment with one of the best foundation repair companies in Ann Arbor!

Foundation Inspections in Ann Arbor by Qualified Foundation Inspectors

How can you know if it's time to have a foundation inspection in Ann Arbor?

Have you noticed gaps in between your doors or windows?
Is the drywall starting to crack in certain spots?
Are bricks beginning to crumble and land on the ground outside? 
Is there perpetually water in your basement or crawlspace?

Answering yes to any of these questions means you need one of our talented and attentive foundation inspectors at your location, and fast! We will do a comprehensive evaluation of what's going on and provide you with proper solutions.
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Foundation Crack Repair That's Quick and Cost-Effective

That tiny foundation crack repair in Ann Arbor that you've been avoiding isn't doing you any favors. We can help make sure that your home stays settled where it's meant to by quickly doing the foundation repair service at your convenience.

Instead of pumping water out of your lower level every time it rains, a simple, straightforward, and reasonably priced foundation repair by our trusted crew will save you the stress and the price tag of much bigger structural issues down the road. Call us now!

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House Leveling in Ann Arbor Avoids Potential Structure Collapse in the Future

When your home was initially constructed, everything was nice and flat. With weather changes, soil conditions, and age, there's a good chance that the foundation has shifted. An uneven foundation means that your house's main components are also moving around. Slab jacking and house leveling in Ann Arbor help put everything back in its place.

Prevent damages to your plumbing, electrical work, and other features by having a complimentary evaluation done by our foundation repair contractors in Ann Arbor today.
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basement foundation repair in Ann Arbor

Basement Foundation Repair for Comfortable Living and Safe Storage

Your basement foundation damages are an ideal place for mold, pests, and water to move in. Don't neglect your basement foundation repair in Ann Arbor.

Our talented foundation repair specialists show up on time with all the tools and techniques to keep your basement stable and waterproof.

Ask about our long list of high-quality, useful methods for arranging your emergency foundation repair when you contact our friendly customer service department right now!

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Our Foundation Contractors in Ann Arbor Are Ready to Come To You!

Are you searching for foundation repair companies near you online? You might have a seemingly neverending menu to choose from, but we're the best foundation contractors in Ann Arbor. Save yourself the hassle, and trust us to get the job done right the first time. We service all towns and areas near Ann Arbor!

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While there are countless benefits to a foundation repair, going about it can often be confusing... That's why we've created this FREE e-book resource to help homeowners understand the ins and outs of their foundation, the most common mistakes to avoid, and how to hire the right contractor. It's all explained right here! Fill out the form to access the foundation repair guide!

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Ann Arbor Foundation Repair Experts quickly diagnose your problem and provide you with long-lasting, affordable solutions. Fiancing options available. Call us at (734) 838-5559.
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